Western Australia Day 9

On November 7, 2010, in travel, Western Australia Road Trip, by omegaforest

Day 9
07 Nov 2010
Perth to Singapore

A final pit stop @ Caversham Wildlife Park before we head to the Airport. Caversham Wildlife Park is about 25 minutes drive from Northbridge, Perth. The park is within Whiteman Park, lots of activities suitable for children. This is a well managed and established wildlife park with daily shows, enclosure and petting area. This is where you get a chance to see a Koala and wombat up close. The animals here are pretty tame and used to getting fed. Supervision is still required as these are still wild animals.

It is another 3o minutes drive to Perth International airport.  Good thing there is no queue @ the Hertz counter and returning was a breeze. There are some shops and eateries @ on the 2nd level. Duty free store after immigration.  Do check in early if you like to do some last minute shopping, it took us sometime to clear the customs.

Food and desert on Qantas was surprisingly good. We love their kid’s gift too. With 2 good movies viewed onboard, the flight was pretty pleasant.

Full set of pics on my flickr Collection.

Interesting building in Perth.

@ Caversham Wildlife Park. Dun miss the farm show.

Petting area. Lots of goats, lazy ones too.

emm.. camel too, but no petting.

Wombat..same sitting position

Koala for petting..on their backside only. No carrying as it can place a lot of stress on them

Kangaroo...for feeding and petting.

The park provides kangaroo feed.

What a long morning, glad that we have 5 hours to recharge.

Doesn't look like end of trip to her.

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