Time vs Time

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As parents, we devote our love and time to our kids. It’s always a good question of how much quality time is enough? Well, it never is…


Prata day!

Sharing an experience which I would had regretted. But I am glad that I did it. My new job is challenging, time consuming and required constant attention. No longer were the times where I was able to take time off to accompany the kids.


Together with the teachers, they made a bus which will be featured during their graduating concert!

From time to time, the school would invite parents to take part in school activities to get a good understand of their school life. Today was one such day where we were invited to view their project. It was a day where both Jen and I was extremely busy at work. We had informed the teacher that we were likely unable to attend.

I have constantly remind myself to be present at her school activity. It was however a struggle to leave work. The responsibility to the client or that to my child.

I am glad I chose the later.


Forever my lil gal!

On my way, the thought of my gal being the only one without an accompanied parent made me guilty and uneasy. Upon arriving, I found her queuing for her prata. Her school mates were shouting to her that her father was here.

Her smile was priceless as she had thought that I would not come.

I was at peace.

She kept telling her classmates that her dad is here. It was after all important to her.

She brought me into the classroom to view her work ….


One of her favorite teachers!


Don’t you love their classroom!

No words could describe that feeling when my daughter showcased her work to me…


Joyce. One of her many good Friends!


It always ended with a trip @ the school’s playground!

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