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Thailand to Bali on Bamboo bicycle. Yes, that is what Kenny and Jamie is doing this July. I am glad to have attended their sharing session in Singapore and get to see their bamboo bicycles. In one of the featured video, they visited a playground in Krabi, built by the community using old tires. This gave an insight into their trip, where they have explored and how they participated in community activities. In a conversation with a ever high-spirit Jamie, he shared his passion of the journey and what he has achieved. Read more of their journey on their website.

Green Riders Website

The Green Riders has partnered with Ahsun’s company to ride on his Bamboo made bicycle. The bicycle frame is made of bamboo while the rest are standard bicycle parts. Beside the fact that bamboo is completely sustainable, there many good qualities of using bamboo as pointed out by Ahsun and in their website. Read more on Ahsun website.

Bamboobee Website

Bamboo, A New Material?                                                                                                              Using bamboo as a base material is not a new concept. There are many other companies that are producing these bicycle, ranging from MTB, Tandems to Single Speed. Here are a couple of interesting finds.

  1. Calfeedesign
  2. Step by Step Guide
  3. Shanghai Bamboo Bike. Check out their kids bicycle.
  4. Bamboosero

Below are some photographs of their Bamboo Bicycle and an interesting mini velo frame.

Full MTB setup!

Very neat cabling and joints

Rear. Where frame meets the hub.

The new mini velo! Sure a hit for the ladies

Very refined joints. A work of art as these cannot be machine made!

Checkout the top tube for this min velo! Looks like you can dry your clothes in between rides!

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