Barelang 6 Bridges Ride

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0630am: Harbourfront ferry terminal

Arrival at Harbourfront ferry terminal before 0645am. Enter via the coach bay. Collection of bicycle tag and boarding pass. Place the bicycle tag on the bike and ensure your details on the boarding pass is correct.

0700: After receiving the boarding pass and tagging the bikes, we passed our bicycles to the handler.
Ferry @ 0750

Remember to remove all valuables on your bicycle, we cannot control who handles our bicycles. If required, please purchase your own bicycle insurance. Pass your bicycle to the handler and proceed to level 2 departure hall and clear immigration. There are food available at the departure hall.

The bikes are pre-loaded. Depending on the ferry, some of the bikes may have VIP treatment. We cannot control who is handling our bicycles so please keep all the valuable with you.

The ferry departs at 0750. We will need to board around 0720. Depending on the ferry, your bicycle could be stored indoor or exposed to the weather. Again, we cannot have no control.

0800 Indo Time: Arrival at Sekupang Ferry Terminal. Top up supplies and get ready to roll off.

0800 (From here, we reference to Indonesia time. Batam is one hour behind)
Upon arrival, we will be using the priority queue. The immigration officers will only check (visual scan) your passports (no entry stamp yet). After that, local reps will collect the passport for processing and you’ll only get it back at the end of the day when we’re departing; all customs procedures will be done for you.

After you have cleared immigration, collect and roll your bicycle to the front of the terminal. Change in the toilet (Indonesia is a conservative country). Proceed to top up your supplies and setup your bicycle computers.

A final briefing…

One you are done, gather at the staircase for a final briefing before moving off.

There will be 2 support vehicles. Place your day bag at the smaller coach. The big coach will be the sweeping vehicle.

There will be 2 motorcycle marshals who will escort us from the terminal to Bridge 1.


We aimed to start early so that we have more time to ride and enjoy the route.

If you do not feel comfortable to navigate the traffic, let the organiser know in advance. You will take the coach to the start point.

Ride single file once out of the ferry terminal. If you are struck at traffic light and broke off from front pack, the 2nd motor marshal will wait up and lead the way. Follow the traffic rules, do not beat the red light. If you encountered red light, closeup all the way to the front to ensure the entire pack clears at the next green light.

There are 2 left turns and 1 right turn to get to Barelang Rd. For the right turn, we’ll need to filter 3 lanes of heavy traffic to the right turning junction. Once after the right turn, there’ll be no more turns. Just 1 long road passing all the bridges till the U-turn point.

It’s 23km to from ferry terminal to Bridge 1. Look out for port holes along the way. Traffic is manageable.

At Bridge 1, top up your supplies. We aimed to roll off no later than 10am.

Expect hot weather and heavy rain (temperature can go above 38degC). You will encounter slops at bridge 4 and it get more interesting after bridges 6. Pace yourself well.

This is not a race. Contact our local guide if you needs to be attended.

Approximate Distance (km)e

Ferry Terminal to 1st bridge: 23km
1st bridge to 5th bridge resupply point: 33km
5th bridge resupply to U-turn point: 22Km
U-turn to 5th bridge resupply point: 22Km
5th bridge to 1st bridge end point: 33Km

Bridge 1. We roll…

You have about 2-2.5 hours to reach the end of u-turn.

1200 – U-turn point or make a U-turn anywhere along the route if you think you can’t make the cut off. Along the way if you feel you cannot continue, stop by the road side but remain visible. Don’t get missed by sweeper bus. If you intent to continue riding later, keep your bike near the bus door for ease of unloading.

1400 – 1430 – Cut of timing and you should be at the end point at 1st bridge.

The small coach will head to Bridge 5 for resupply while the bus will sweep and provide support at the rear.

If you are hungry, there are lots of stall where you can get food.

There are lots of local shops that sells drinks and food. Keep some rupiah handy. Red bull cost about 9000Rp (SGD$0.9) and a Magnum ice cream 20000Rp (SGD$1.9)

Lot’s of shop along the route for drinks and ice creams.

If you feel bored….the kids will cheer you up.

The road are well maintained and there are less or almost no traffic when you approach the 6th bridge.

Bridge 5

Bridge 5. The most scenic part of Barelang and our supply point. From here, the route get tougher.

After Bridge 6, you will encounter more slopes with longer climb. Ensure you have sufficient energy and supply for the return route.

1200-1230: WHEREVER YOU ARE, THIS IS THE TIME YOU WILL NEED TO U-TURN and make your way back.

The bus will start to sweep from the U-turn point.

End Point. (Photo Credit: Goh Chee Wee)

End Point.
The first pack would have arrived at Bridge 1. Please removed all bike computer or valuable items and load your bicycle to the lorry. The bicycles will head to the ferry terminal and load onto the ferry.

Load your bicycle at Bridge 1 (Photo Credit: Goh Chee Wee)

The small coach will then ferry the cyclists in batches to a nearby resort for a quick wash and lunch. Please do not expect Star rated resort treatment.

Seafood lunch is served. If you have special requirement for food, please notify the organizer when you signed up. Beer and other drinks are at your own expenses.

Depart from resort to the Sekupang Ferry Terminal. It will take around 30mins of travel time.

Once at the ferry terminal, collect your passport and boarding pass. Counter check the boarding details are correct. Proceed to clear immigration.

Ferry departs at 1710. It will take approximately an hour of traveling time to Singapore.

1900 (SG time)

Upon arrival, form a human chain to unload the bicycle from the ferry. Proceed to clear immigration and make you way out to the arrival hall and collect your bicycle.

Map and Elevation. (Photo Credit: Goh Chee Wee)

Total Estimated Distance from Sekupang Ferry Terminal to End point: Approx 133KM

Total Estimated Time: Approx 5hrs

End of trip.

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The Story of My Tommasini

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I had the chance to purchase a Tommasini Racer from Arthur Van Rooji, a vintage bicycle seller based in Heeswijk, Netherland. With some luck, I managed to trace the seller to Rob van Beek.

Rob shared that he purchased the T from an old man. It came with an old saddle and handlebar. Apparently Arthur had done some upgrade to make the T more sellable.

Rob came back a week later with a story of the T.
In 1984/5, Kokke sport, a cycling shop in Putte Capelle Belgium bought over a cycling team in Rotterdam. The club, known as RC Ahoy purchased 25 Tommasini bicycles. The T racers have a customised colour scheme, likely to represent the club colours.

The T Racer is likely used as a competition bike for 2 seasons. When the team cyclist left the club, they would have to return the bicycle or pay a sum of €250 (fl 500) to keep it. The bike was bought by the chairman of the club and converted to a touring bicycle for the wife. However, she did not like the ride and it was kept in the store. It was eventually sold to Rob and to Arthur.

Her wife passed away about 6/7 years ago. Her husband was known to be in poor health.

The club, RC Ahoy still existed and I have sent an email to inquiry for related information. According to Rob, the T is a very rare team bike from the 80’s.

He mentioned there was a similar bicycle for sale on and they sold it for around €500.

I have sent the photo to Barbara at Tommasini, hoping that she will be able to identify the year of manufacture. She replied in 2 occasions, one email dated it at 1986/87 and the other 1989.

Hoping for good news from the club in the next few days.

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August in Penang

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This year marked my third trip to Penang for CFAL.

My 90 mins AirAsia flight seemed so uneventful. I noticed the lady sitting across me praying hard during takeoff and landing. After all not all enjoyed the flying experience.

At the airport, I was chauffeured by a lady driver in her Nissan Sylphy. One of the 5 lady drivers in the fleet. She even came down and helped me with my 24kg bicycle bag! That impressed me! I told her I’ll have her to fetch me back in 4 days time.

I was glad to be back in Penang. The familiar sigh of Komtar as we turned into city and the old shop houses along Chulia street. This year, I stayed at Nam Keng Hotel. This boutique hotel was just 4 month old and highly rated at Tripadvisor.

Junction at Lebuh Chulia

Junction at Lebuh Chulia

Pre-war shophouses, the beauty of George Town

Pre-war shophouses, the beauty of George Town

Interesting exhibition space. Photo exhibits at the courtyard of a temple.

Interesting exhibition space. Photo exhibits at a temple’s courtyard.

Change is constant. More boutique hotels could be seen along Chulia street and its vicinity. Food is still the biggest draw. We had Nasi Kandar at Little India to Zi Char along Weld street, not mentioning the countless Wanton noodles.

Our first meal was @ Little India.

Our first meal was @ Little India.

Cycling | Photography | Food

It was a privileged to join Alvin and his cycling team on the last leg of their tour. It was a different experience. Instead of searching for countless wall murals, they spent time sharing experiences and appreciating the heritage part of town. Priceless!

Food..good food and lots of it!

Food..good food and lots of it!

The best way to enjoy Penang.....walk!

The best way to enjoy Penang…..walk!

Coincidentally, CFAL was also held in the month of the Hungry Ghost festival. Getai, Chinese Operas and Puppet shows filled the night. The experience was just too overwhelming!



Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera in Penang was of a different league. The troupes were engaged from China and Taiwan. Many featured talents who were as young as teenagers. It was a great experience to document two troupes from China. The young members were extremely passionate about their performance, very dynamic and possessed lots of potential.

Artist from Taiwan

Artist from Taiwan

Artist from China

Artist from China

A show  for the gods

A show for the gods



The next morning brought new opportunities for photography. Our hotel was just a stone throw away from Chinatown and Chowrasta market. The daily wet market was my all time favorite. Stalls lined the sidewalk and it felt so 70s.


I see beauty…do you?

One of the many Coffee shop that brought back the 80s feel!

One of the many Coffee shop that brought back the 80s feel!

Morning fresh as it can be!

Morning Market…as fresh as it can be!

Intestines or some brains tissue?

Intestines or some brains tissue?


Where metal were forged!

From hostel to boutique hotel!
This was the first time I stayed in a upmarket lodging. In my previous trip, my modest room was only MYR$70! (based on twin sharing)

Nam Keng Hotel was a gem in its own league. Nicely decorated room and friendly staff. The area below the light well was an amazing space. I believed Ying Chang spend a good part of his time here.

We had the family room!

We had the family room!

Time seemed to have stopped here.

Time seemed to have stopped here.

View from 2nd floor.

View from 2nd floor.

Was four days too short? I would have to agree. Penang had indeed outdone itself. Tourists and locals had a lot more choices of hotel to choose from. Air conditioned cafe and eateries added to the ranks of local delights, making Penang another foodie paradise.

Great People!

Great People!

Awesome food!

Awesome food!

Awesome eateries

Awesome eateries

Will see you again in 2015.

View more of my Penang Photo on flicker.

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