Bike Rally 2012

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Gearing up for the 2nd cycling event for this year. The Bike Rally is back again. Organized by NTU Sports Club, the rally takes cyclists on a round island route. Register early, which is what I did and this year’s registration seems to close rather early!

The Strategy
This year’s plan is to clear the 2 checkpoint for 168km in the shortest possible time and have a relaxed ride to the end point.

630am. F1 Pit
At the starting point, we kick off the ride with the first wave of riders. The traffics lights along Shenton way to West coast was a pain in the ass as we have to constantly stop and give chase to the lead pack. Our speed was about 28-33km/hr. We reached West Coast Park at about 730am. The lead pack has started to form up.

The next stretch is my home ground, from Tuas to Raffles Country club. At Benoi Junction, I was caught in 2 traffic lights and it got me separated from the lead pack again.

The ugly side of Mass Cycling
Halfway along Tuas, a cyclist cut into my path and I have to sway to the left. This is almost as good as a car changing lane without signalling. I told him off when we stopped at a traffic light and he replied that I was slower and should keep left. Ok, no point wasting my breath!

Raffles Country Club
By making it here means you have reached the first checkpoint for 168km. As compared to previous year, there is an improvement here. The students would guide the cyclist to punch the first hole before releasing them to the water point. I topped up my water bottle and regroup with Donald and Vincent.

Shifter problem
At Mandai, I encountered problem with the shifters. I have difficulties with the shifting and a loud screeching sound is coming from the cassette area. Upon further investigation, I am still not able to rectify it. Afraid that the chain may break, I decided to cycle without shifting. Mandai Road has never been so long and tedious!

As compared to 2011, the Mandai stretch is considered a new route . Instead of cycling North to Woodlands waterfront, the route took us East via Mandai and then North towards the Waterfront where the 2nd Checkpoint for 168km is designated.

Yishun Stadium
The intersection where the cyclists from 128km and 168km meet. With the 2 hole punched, we decided to take a longer break here and wait for the rest of the LCSG members. According to other riders, they are spotted coming towards Yishun. After 30minutes, we are pretty cool down and they are no where in sight. We decided to move on. At this point, Donald has left us. I left Yishun with Jared, Chee Wee and Vincent.From Yishun to Punggol, we dropped our speed to about 25-28km/hr.

That’s the only word to describe the weather at Punggol Point. We are starting to feel hungry here.

Chicken Rice
has never tasted so good! While climbing the final slope at Pasir Ris Drive 3, we decided that we have to reward ourselves. And right beside the slope is a, repeated after me “coffeeshop.” We stopped for food and watched the cyclists tackle the slope.This is indeed a wise move as we felt fully recharged after the 20mins break.

Lightning and Rain…
Dark cloud looms over us when we reached coastal road. Rain is inevitable. It hit us hard when we are halfway along coastal road and there is no shelter. We decided to press on. It was indeed a good experience. As usual the Durano tyres performed well! At fort road, the rain stopped. That was indeed a “cool” ride.

The four of us crossed the finishing line at 4pm+. We have been cycling+resting for about 9 hours+, totaling a distance of 168km.

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7am. Start point @ F1 pit

Finally caught up with first wave. @ West Coast Park

On the Road. The Rally is a Mass cycling event

The road marshals, giving directions and moral support!

After more than 9hrs of cycling

The entire village at the end point!

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