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On November 20, 2010, in bicycle, Dahon, by omegaforest

Invested in a pair of rear panniers so that I can carry stuffs on ride, buy groceries and food back home. Surprisingly, panniers are not that popular in Singapore, probably we are not so much of touring people.  A quick search on the web, you will see popular brands such as Arkel, Ortlieb, Topeak etc. Here a huge listing from Bicycle Touring pro.

The bags are bough from Song Seng Chan @ Joo Chia Road. They carry 2 brands, Lotus and Skorpion. Both are made in Taiwan. Lotus is a popular brands from Taiwan, there are a huge variety of bags from their website but choices are very limited here. Both panniers are water resistant. The Lotus come in 2 sizes and have a better system to secure onto the rack. I chose the Skorpion over the Lotus as I find the Skorpion panniers has a much better built.

The Pannier mounts onto the rack top using 2 huge plastic hook. At the bottom, it uses a bungee system. Over here I prefer the Lotus locking system as it feels a lot more secure.

I took the pannier for a test ride. What is important is the clearance between the leg and panniers. Initially there is contact between my heel and the pannier and it gets quite irritating. By shifting the hook backwards resolved the issue.

A good pannier should not jigger when on the move. I have to admit that the Skorpion doe not have the best locking system, but it works. Although not packed to full capacity, the pannier do stay where it belongs. Will update more.

Panniers Ready for tomorrow ride

2 huge hooks mount onto the rack

Max. Capacity. Fits a huge pack of diapers.

Testing the Pannier

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2 Responses to “Rear Panniers”

  1. taiwoon says:

    Congrats! Matt, u are ready to tour.. seems like Clarence will be reccing a route to Penggarang.. that will be a good time to test the panniers.

  2. omegaforest says:

    LOL, another option for Sunday ride? Yes, I am actually gearing up and hopefully there are days that I can cycle to work.

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