Expedition Ti Butt Day 4

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Day 4
KL to Tapah
Distance : 130km+

Day no. 4. Not really feeling 100%, especially the legs. I believe this is my break point after 3 continuous day of long distance cycling.

Only porridge available at Petaling street. Our goal is to reach Ipoh at the end of the day, a 200km ride. 6am, the street are quite and we have no difficulties exiting KL.

Rawang, Rawang.
Not too far from KL, we had to tackle the most challenging slope in our ride. Up Rawang hill. At the foot, KC starts to over take us and we know it is serious business. I could feel the strain in my leg and all I could do is to spin slowly on my 53T! Finally we spotted the water tank and thats the top of the hill.

After Rawang, we had to tackle a few smaller slope and the finale was a 2km downhill where KC clock more than 60+km/hr! With traffice going beside me. I can only manage around 50+km/hr but it was worth the initial climb!

About 40km into the ride, my butt starts to sore and my the speed is down to about 20km/hr! From this point onwards, it was a real struggle! Gl was also having butt abrasion! Later on, I found out that my seat post has somehow slipped down, despite repeat tightening!

After noon, we were cycling along some of the most “boring” road in our trip. There is no shade, no scenery and made worst by the butt pain! Patrick and KC are no where in sigh, meaning we are falling very far behind.

20 minutes. That’s the time separating us and the veterans. Patrick and KC were waiting for us at a Bus Stop and suggested that we rest for a night at Tapah. That was indeed a great relief as we have another 60+km to go.  We had a quick bite at Bidor and headed down to Tapah town, another 10+Km away.

A small town that used to be prosperous. Before the highway was built, it was the main entry point into the old Cameron Highlands route. We settled into the hotel and has a good dinner at the opposite hotel. The guys went for a foot massage while I retire early to nurse my sore butt and legs.

Hotel @ Tapah: Hotel Timuran
A clean hotel with mixture of small and spacious room. Decor at in its 80s with no lift. Breakfast at the ground floor is amazing.
23 Jalan Stesen  35000 Tapah, Malaysia. 05-4011092

Total Food Expenses: MYR$175.4

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Breakfast and up Rawang hill

Repair and heading to Ipoh

Kampung Break!

The long road ahead!

The hotel that still have the 80s feel!

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