Expedition Ti Butt Day 1

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Day 1
Singapore to Muar
Distance : 170+

Today, I embark on another milestones in cycling. A 500+km ride up north to Ipoh. The journey will take us 4 to 5 days depending on our speed and weather. Leading the ride will be Patrick and KC, who are both veterans and had lots of experiences in cycling in Malaysia. Joining us is Geeli, who is riding his new BF Tikit, 16 inch wheel with a 60 & 65 gear!

We will average about 100+ km per day, thus traveling light is one of the crucial factor.
Whats in the Pannier?

  1. 1 set of sleeping clothes (the cycling jersey and pant will be wash and put to dry every night)
  2. Basic toiletries and medication
  3. Charger and battery pack for the phone and camera
  4. Bicycle repair kit.

Woodlands central is buzzing with traffic from Malaysia. Hundreds of Johorians are here for their day job. The four of us meet at Cheers outlet, checked our gears and head off towards the immigration point.

Traffic was low and it was a breeze riding out of Johor Bahru town. We rode for another 10km before stopping for breakfast at Kulai. Weather was kind to us, cloudy sky and terrain was rather flat with occasional slopes.

I though the ride was over!
After lunch at Ayer Hitam, we headed towards Batu Pahat. About 15km to Batu Pahat, my rear wheel went free wheel and I though it is all over! Patrick managed to open the rear hub and found the palm retaining spring broken. The chances to repair is almost zero as we do not have any parts. KC was suggesting to turn it into a fixie and ride all the way to Batu Pahat. I spoke to the workers at a nearby factory but none was free to help with transport. Luckily a lorry driver saw our situation and was willing to sent us to town! Malaysia, Truly Asia!

Again, Patrick turned out to be the savior! He managed to direct the driver to the bike shop and I may have some luck of getting my bike repaired!
LeRun, the shop that saved my trip. I was going through the options in my mind. 1. Change the hub (means need to re-spoke) or Change the entire wheelset! or take a bus to Ipoh!

To our surprise, the mechanic said that he has seen similar problem and have the means to repair it! You can sense the great relieve in me.

It was already late afternoon when we got the bike fixed. We had a quick bite at Batu Pahat before we embark on the on the remaining journey.

Hotel @ Muar : Townview Hotel
60 Jalan Sisi, Muar, Johor, 84000, Malaysia
Value and clean room with free wifi. Walking distance from food stalls and a big supermarket is situated just next door.

Food Expenses for today: MYR$135.5

Haro Lian Trading
No 20-21 Jalan
Kundang 13
Taman Bukit Pasir
83000 Batu Pahat

Tel : 07-4339080
Fax : 07-4339080

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The Ride & Luggage

Up to Ayer Hitam

Sugarcane Break

Game over? not yet!

@ Muar and dinner

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