A Dahon Classic

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When you start cycling, you tend to spot bikes along the route.  I was riding along the Kallang PCN and saw what looks like an old Dahon, with the typical A frame. Luck was on my side as Uncle was riding real slow. I caught up and asked if I could snap a few frames. He is not able to to tell me more on the model, just a remark: “old bike lar”  The paint seems to have weathered away but the parts seems pretty well maintained. What a bonus for today’s ride.

View Dahon Classic on Flickr.
Download Classic Manual 1986 model.

Uncle on an old Dahon

The typical A frame on these models

Trying to identify the words but seems all has faded away.

The parts are pretty well maintained with almost new set of wheels.


4 Responses to “A Dahon Classic”

  1. taiwoon says:

    Matt.. u will not believe this.. he is my Ah gu!!!! grand uncle… pleease can I put this on my blog? hahhaa what a small world!!!!

  2. omegaforest says:

    Hi Taiwoon. Use all you need. Let me know if u need the higher res. images.

  3. taiwoon says:

    Matt I just talked to my mum on his brother(that’s him) and she couldnt believe it… and will help me link up with him. I was really thinking how can we capture his story. Perhaps a more detailed story… to keep it for posperity… Summary. he got stroke, recovered and rides almost daily as excercise around toa payoh lor 8 to potong pasir. We will talk more on Sunday!

  4. omegaforest says:

    Hi TW

    That’s great. Wld be cool to know more about the classic Dahon. I dun think there are a lot ard these days.

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