The Story of My Tommasini

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I had the chance to purchase a Tommasini Racer from Arthur Van Rooji, a vintage bicycle seller based in Heeswijk, Netherland. With some luck, I managed to trace the seller to Rob van Beek.

Rob shared that he purchased the T from an old man. It came with an old saddle and handlebar. Apparently Arthur had done some upgrade to make the T more sellable.

Rob came back a week later with a story of the T.
In 1984/5, Kokke sport, a cycling shop in Putte Capelle Belgium bought over a cycling team in Rotterdam. The club, known as RC Ahoy purchased 25 Tommasini bicycles. The T racers have a customised colour scheme, likely to represent the club colours.

The T Racer is likely used as a competition bike for 2 seasons. When the team cyclist left the club, they would have to return the bicycle or pay a sum of €250 (fl 500) to keep it. The bike was bought by the chairman of the club and converted to a touring bicycle for the wife. However, she did not like the ride and it was kept in the store. It was eventually sold to Rob and to Arthur.

Her wife passed away about 6/7 years ago. Her husband was known to be in poor health.

The club, RC Ahoy still existed and I have sent an email to inquiry for related information. According to Rob, the T is a very rare team bike from the 80’s.

He mentioned there was a similar bicycle for sale on and they sold it for around €500.

I have sent the photo to Barbara at Tommasini, hoping that she will be able to identify the year of manufacture. She replied in 2 occasions, one email dated it at 1986/87 and the other 1989.

Hoping for good news from the club in the next few days.

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Tiong Bahru 2015

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Tiong Bahru, one of Singapore oldest public housing. Despite the rise in the number of hipster cafes and restaurants, one is still able to find that nostalgic feel in the neighborhood.

IMG_5694  IMG_5710 IMG_5714   IMG_5723 IMG_5727 IMG_5730





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Thank You Mr LEE

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A tribute corner at High Street Center


Today was the final day for visiting Mr Lee at Parliament House. We came at a time where the organizer had decided not to admit people into Padang. All were told to head home.


We joined a queue just beside St Andrew Cathedral. It hardly moved and we sat for almost 2.5hrs. At 615am, we made progress and we were ushered towards the Padang.

Despite all the waiting, most of us were patience and moved in pace with the queue.

The Padang was pretty empty. Umbrella lined the barricades. Each represented another kid soul.

We were ushered towards the floating platform. It was a long walk. No one complained. No one ran.

We all knew that it would eventually leaded us to PH. Kiasuism does not seem to exist today.

Unfortunately our group was made to walk the longest mile. One of the LT Col explained and told us not to rush. By rushing, people at the end of the line will start to run. He led us back to the PH.

This time, we did not returned to the Padang.

If you have noticed. The line were manned by high ranking officers.
Not NSF. It had made the difference.

On our final stretch. A sign indicated a 40mins queue. It was our final push to pay respect to Mr Lee.

I looked at the people around me. Some had teared!

It took us no longer than 15 mins to enter PH. I was impressed by the Virgil guards.

There were 2 lines for paying tributes. The coffin was placed quite a distance away, no chance to get a good look at his face.

Some bowed, some stopped for a short while to pray while others were ushered away.

Tears were shed…while many held back.

2, 8 or 9 hours. Those who persevered would had felt that they had accomplished what they had came for.

Thank you Mr Lee.


At 315am, we joined the queue outside ST Andrew Cathedral



After 2 hours, most were pretty tired



Many chose to stand



At 620am, we were finally ushered into the Padang.



From the Padang, we were ushered to the floating platform.



It was a long walk



It was a winding route



Our group was stooped and told to walk the extra mile!



And finally, backed to the floating platform



A bug smile from Eddie’s face



More joined the queuw



We proceed toward Parliament house



A military usher reassured us that it was another 1 hour before we enter PH



The final push



Spirits were high!



Security check before PH



Final push into PH


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